Monday, 7 October 2013

Entrepreneurship trainer berths ‘Run-Like-A-Champion’ campaign

A business capacity development that will take on the training and development of aspiring entrepreneurs among the working class and students is being established by leading business plan consultants and entrepreneurship trainers in Nigeria.
After years of entrepreneurship campaign on newspapers and magazines as well as classroom training, the entrepreneurship trainer, Ola Emmanuel, declared that the platform would be saddled with the task of thoroughly preparing aspiring and existing entrepreneurs as well as other career professionals to introduce entrepreneurship spirit into their daily activities in order to perform better in their chosen fields.
The capacity building activities, which will run under the theme ‘Run Like A Champion,’ will also launch a capacity building outreach programme among students to prepare them for the peculiarity of Nigerian economy.
According to Ola Emmanuel, the regular meeting of entrepreneurs and corporate professionals on one hand, the platform will be strong among students in view of the capacity available to run the programmes of the platform.
It would be recalled that the promoter was the Nigerian delegate at the special programme on how to tackle youth unemployment challenges organised for 11 African countries at the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation (ITC-ILO), Italy in 2009.
In his words, “the capacity building work, especially among students will make extensive use of co-operative and collaborative efforts among stakeholders in the public and private sectors to carry out its activities. Already, plan is in progress for the platform to hold a three-day programme in one of the universities in the North Central Nigeria.
The programme is expected to be a blend of personal development, practical success strategies and entrepreneurship development activities. Also, discussions have reached advanced stage with a state government through its ministry of education to
expose students in the state to personal development and entrepreneurship intelligence activities. “We are embarking on the students outreach activities to effectively mould the upcoming generations to become formidable forces in nation-building and make them prove useful in the creation of equitable and wealthy society.
The school students will be strategically prepared to embrace and pursue excellence in their present and future endeavours as well as position them to become leaders who are thoroughly furnished to run like champions.”
As a way to contribute to Nigerian economic development, the quality of activities and interactions is expected to make significant impact in a short to medium term by raising and nurturing generation of potentially-accomplishing men and women who are well equipped to become exemplary business and professional models.
The life-transforming intelligence the platform will be providing shall be targeted at sharpening the countenance of both the youth and the working class to make them run their daily activities with a new mindset befitting of potentially-great entrepreneurs.
Source: BusinessDay

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