Monday, 23 September 2013

Sierra Leone News: Sierra Leone to get Chartered Institute of Bankers

The Sierra Leone Association of Commercial Bank (SLACB) in collaboration with the Bank of Sierra Leone and the Chartered Institute of Bankers Nigeria has held a one day stakeholders forum on the establishment of an Examination Center in Freetown and a Chartered Institute of Bankers Sierra Leone that focuses on professional Banking Education.

Stakeholders from the Banking Sector at the forum yesterday

Speaking at the ceremony the President of the Sierra Leone Association of Commercial Bank (SLACB) Clement Dodoo said the lack of a Bankers College and Bankers institute is largely responsible for the poor performance of bankers in the country as it ensure ethics and integrity.

He commended the central bank for the support and called on stakeholders to embrace the project for the development of the human resource capacity of bankers.

In his statement the Head of Banking Supervision at the Bank of Sierra Leone Tapsiru Denkeh he expressed disappointment over the low turnout of bankers at the ceremony as only two Chief Executive Officers are present for the meeting

He said absentees of the ceremony will be severely dealt with as prescribed by law.

He said they had a fruitful discussion with the team at the Bank Governor’s office strengthening of relationship between Sierra Leone and Nigeria in the Banking Sector.

He also explained that six commercial banks registered in the country are subsidiaries of Nigerian Banks and as a Central Bank “we are jointly examining them with the Nigerian Central Bank.”

He said the College of supervisors from the West African Monetary Zone usually  meet and share experiences on operations  and other banking issues adding that the  courses for bankers are good and encouraged stakeholders to embrace the project for its successful implementation into the country.

He said the institute will provide training for bankers regionally as opportunities will be increased for employment and regional stability status.

He also said that the Examination Center will also reduce the cost on students pursuing bank courses in other countries and appealed for technical assistance towards the establishment the institute.

We are face with banking fraud in the country due to lack of proper regulations as many bankers are recycled within the system.  Many bankers are misbehaving within the profession.

A Power point presentation by the Chief Executive and Registrar of Chartered Institute of Bankers Nigeria Dr. Ugu Ogubunka with 25years banking experience said they are currently reviewing the act to accommodate finance so as to meet the demands of the global market.

He said the institute was established in Nigeria in 1963 with the responsibility to determine the standards of knowledge and skills to be attained by persons seeking to become member of the banking profession.
He said the institute also conducts professional examinations leading to the award of certificates and there vision is to be the global reference point for professionalism.

Dr. Ugu Ogubunka said fifteen new certification programmes has also been introduced and also revamped compulsory continuous professional development programme for an ACIB Certificate.
He assured that the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Nigeria is an affiliate member of many internationally recognized institutions.

Source: Awoko

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