Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Are you the trail blazer the Continent needs? [Food for thought]

EE-Kenya-11-03-2010-Barbee-energy-EDITBy Onyi Uchegbulam

We all have the ability to explore and break new ground. This singular factor is directly proportionate to our development. Sometimes, our minds understand and give in to that inner quest for adventure. But other times, we hold back because of fear of the unknown.

Every sector of our economy, from education to health, labour, business, etc. need trail blazers. Leaders willing to set new benchmarks. There is an abundance of opportunities to experience tremendous success and followership in the world, and maybe with a taste of failure here and there. But the fear of failure should not stop you. We must not be afraid to tread new grounds, try new things or old things in a new way.

My experience as a career coach has exposed me to different nature of human resource management. In the course of my work, I have come across people, endowed with talent and knowledge but who are comfortable sitting in a corner. There is an immense gap between where most people are, with respect to career options and where they ought to be.

If we really want to experience development, be it personal, career or community-wise, then we must be willing to explore more.

We need to get out of the complacent state of mind and think outside the box. We need to boldly pursue those ideas we have. We need to believe in our ability to succeed if we step out and be courageous to try again and again if the first attempt fails.

We need to disassociate ourselves from the stagnating concept of job security, from the safety net of studying professional courses because we believe it’s more marketable, from the fear of failing to innovate because we have not seen it done yet.

I believe African minds are unique and tenacious. We have proven several times that we can achieve anything we commit ourselves to do. We must not stop now. Get up and try something new. Blaze the trail and add value to your life and others around you. The development of our continent is a collective effort.

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