Friday, 22 February 2013

Bahrain company to invest in Nigeria’s waste management

A delegation from the Middle East Recycling Company, Kingdom of Bahrain, has said it will invest in the recycling of the petroleum waste in Nigeria and bitumen manufacturing if given an enabling environment.
The head of the delegation Ashik Ali Kutay who visited the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) head office yesterday in Abuja said Nigeria will benefit from the investment.
He said: “We want to establish a relationship with Nigeria so that they can benefit from what we will invest here. We have been investing in Bahrain, Saudi and we have been getting returns from our investment, we have reached a stage where we want to help the people around us and those who work with us and treat us like family.”
Kutay said they discovered through the internet that Nigeria is generating lots of waste amounting to about 2.8 million tonnes.
“We are here to see that every waste is turned into wealth, the polythene thrown around town can be reused for the good of mankind. We are striving to get used things back so they can be useful again instead of dumping them,” he said.
Executive Secretary of NIPC Mustafa Bello said the idea of the delegation is a good one, adding that what is left for the government is to make sure that this intention is realised. He said the Nigerian government is looking towards renewable energy and recycling is one of those processes.

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